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Singapore hawker stalls are aplenty in buzzing Singapore. In Chinatown alone, there are around four coffee shops within walking distance of each other: Maxwell Food Centre, Chinatown Complex Food Centre, Hong Lim Food Centre as well as People’s Park Centre. Plus, all these hawker centres are teeming with great hawker stalls! One of them is even Michelin-starred – Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice Noodle. So how do you know which queue is worth joining? Well, is a great go-to food guide for this, as it gives you local reviews on popular eats in Singapore.

They go by a unique ranking system upon 10. And this point system is base on whether they would recommend these place to their friends and if it’s value for money. This is great for backpackers on a budget looking for cheap eats in Singapore!

On top of that, they also do lengthy food guides – or listicles. I really appreciate that these guides cover specific areas via MRT stations, as I can easily search for what I where to eat around the vicinity. For instance, if I find myself in Bedok or Bukit Batok, I can easily find what to eat around the area instead of just settling for some random hawker stall, restaurant or cafe!

They also tell me where are great Italian restaurants to eat or steamboat places to try if I’m craving for those. They also do listings on the best beef noodles, carrot cake, laksa, and more in Singapore! This gives me insight on what the locals eat, without having to scroll through multiple pages on travel review sites.

I think even locals love reading their website, as it seems majority of their followers are locals. So I guess that says how trustworthy their food recommendations are for Singapore things to eat! I mean, if even their recommendations surprise Singaporeans, as they have never know this place existed until now, I guess that says something right? It should be! So if you want to be a traveller who travels like a local, will be a great food place to start. Or if you’re a Singaporean looking on where to eat for occasions like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day , they also do curation for occasions. It really is a good food website to follow.